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We are constantly looking for new talented partners and collaborations in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.


Are you a freelance sales consultant or do you run a sales company with TM and Face to face as tools in your organization? then we would like to have a chat with you!


We at Stereo Sales have several products in our portfolio that can be your new product to promote and sell.


Our basic business idea is that we negotiate agreements with our subcontractor in order to shape the product ready for sale. We are responsible for all the jobs to shape the product ready for sale! where we do everything from customer list management, CRM / Dailer, Server and free call credits.


In addition to taking most of the fixed costs in a sales project, we have continuous sales training for our partners and their sales agents.

We are involved in the whole process from start to finish, where our basic philosophy is that it is better to have something small in something big than something big in something small.


Together, we can focus on what we are best at in order to achieve everyone's goals and results.


Contact Øystein Pettersen today!!!

we are hiring

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