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We are hiring a new E-Commerce Manager for a new and exciting Web Project for customers.


You get the chance to be involved from the start and build a platform directly together with the owners and founders, the platform will be launched in Norway on December 1, where Sweden, Denmark and Finland will follow.

E-commerce Manager Responsibilities:

What do they do?

You as a E-commerce managers are responsible for managing the entire e-commerce presence of retail companies. You manage the assortment, select products for sale and take over the management of returns.

In their day-to-day work, they mainly deal with the planning and further development of the shop appearance and act as an interface between various specialist departments. These include agencies for web design, the marketing department within the company, development, IT and PR agencies.

In addition, e-commerce managers are entrusted with the administration of incoming payments and returns and analyze the sales statistics in order to optimize the product range and to be able to place targeted advertising.

Ultimately, the main goal you as an e-commerce manager is to improve conversion rates, i.e. the rate of purchases resulting from the shop visitors.

Basically, you are active in an industry that has a product to sell. You are mainly active in the retail and B2C industry. 



The products to sell online are:

  • Health products

  • Electronics and tech products

  • Books and E-lerning products

What tasks does you as an E-Commerce Manager do?

  • Define company objectives

  • Review sales data and stock levels

  • Optimization of sales and increase conversion rates

  • Analyze internal data and web analytics

  • Develop pricing strategies for the e-commerce store

  • Returns management

  • Plan promotional campaigns such as contests or giveaways

  • Plan advertising campaigns, including deciding on media channels

  • Develop SEO and SEM strategies

  • Evaluate website design and discuss plans to improve

  • Initiate market research studies

  • Provide marketing or technical advice to clients

  • Direct the hiring of advertising, promotions, and marketing staff and oversee their daily activities

The role of the E-Commerce Manager

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What skills does an E-Commerce Manager need?

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You as our new E-commerce managers have expertise in the field of business administration, are project-driven and know about strategies to increase sales.

You also have extensive knowledge of the product range and the industry in which they operate. Soft skills include verbal and written communication and teamwork skills in dealing with affiliated departments and agencies as well as assertiveness.

Also, adaptability is really important because the digital world changes daily. A tweak in Google’s algorithm can change the game completely for your online store and also new competitors can easily enter the market.

What does an e-commerce manager need to know?

  • Business management know-how

  • Knowledge of strategies for increasing sales

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Knowledge of SEO

  • Digital Advertising: Google Ads, Facebook Ads

  • Market research and analytical skills

  • Expertise in the industry and product

  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team

  • Developing and designing online and email marketing campaigns


We know that the salary of an E-commerce manager can be between 200,000 NOK / year to 1,000,000 ++ NOK.


The salary of this employment is not determined yet! and wants to be negotiated in connection with employment.

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